McKennah FCI, Katarzyna Sobolewska, tel. 
78-122 Charzyno, Poland


We have been living with dobermanns for many years and they became our passion from the very start. Their nature, appearance, temperament, sport-spirit on one side but also a caring friend soul on the other makes me believe this is the breed of my life.

We breed responsibly. Our first litter was born in 2010 and we have a litter occasionally. In breeding we use top quality dogs only, health tested, with great temperament. We care for our puppies and also like to keep in touch with all of our puppies owners to advice and help when needed. Our puppies have found fantastic homes in countries such as England, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Poland. If you wish to talk about our dobermanns or you have any other questions regarding the breed feel free to contact us on email address stated above.