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05th December 2022

 Rita – Livonija Baronesa Dragostea Eterma – has been heart checked today. Her heart is perfect, no signs of DCM.
Rita will be mated soon, keep checking our website for more info.

26th October 2022

We are happy about new health results of our female – McKennah Gemini
👉HD-A (PL)
and DNA made with Embarkvet USA:
👉 Deafness and Vestibular Syndrome of Dobermans, DVDob, DINGS -CLEAR
👉 Narcolepsy – CLEAR
👉 Ehlers Danlos – CLEAR
👉 Dilated Cardiomyopathy, DCM1 – CLEAR
👉 Dilated Cardiomyopathy, DCM2 – CLEAR
👉And more 217 diseases tested – not detected!

30th July 2022

🏆 30.07.2022 National Show 2nd group FCI Chojnice
judge: Iwona Giczela (PL) 🏆
McKennah Gemini – at only 17 months!
open class Exc.1/3, CWC, Best Adult Female and Best Of Breed!!!!🏆💪

17th July 2022

🏆 17.07.2022 CACIB Gorzów Wielkopolski,
judge Ramune Kazlauskaite (LT) 🏆
open class Exc.1, CWC res.CACIB

21st May 2022

  McKennah Gemini results and her new pictures attached on her profile page.

03rd May 2022

CAC Manowo –  McKennah Gemini – exc1, JCAC, Youth Winner! We are happy of this result as it was Inka’s first show 🙂

18th March 2022

Puppies born on the 28th February, we have males available. Contact us for more info if you are interested in getting one of these lovely boys.

20th January 2022

We have been blessed with this special news, puppies confirmed via USG and expected early March 2022. Contact us for more info.

25th November 2021

Today our lovely Livonija Baronesa Dragostea Eterna has been cardio checked and no signs of DCM was found. We are planning new litter now, stay tuned.

Livonija Baronesa Dragostea Eterna – Rita

15th June 2021

They grow so fast! We combined pictures of McKennah Gravity Max and McKennah Goldenberry. Puppies are training BH basics with us here at McKennah.

10th May 2021

New pictures of our young stars at age of 3.5 months:

McKennah Gemini

McKennah Gravity Max


11th April 2021

New pictures of Sava added. McKennah Dobislava turns 5 this month 🙂

05th April 2021

All of our G litter puppies have found wonderful homes now.

New litter planned 2022, stay tuned 🙂

15th March 2021

We have new pictures of our lovely babies, click >>>> puppies <<<< page for more. We have 1 black male available.

06 Feb 2021

Today 9 stong and healty puppies arrived, we have 3 black males, 3 brown males, 2 black females, 1 brown female.

Click >>>> puppies <<<< page for more info and pictures. On picture below one of black males:

28 dec 2020

We expect high quality puppies from the excellent combination in February 2021

17 October 2020

McKennah Dobislava  passed her IGP2  95/91/98

29 July 2019

McKennah Dobislava passed her IGP1 98-92-89

22 July 2019

We were invited to take part in IGP protection competition in Berlin. The judge was happy to give us high 90 points.

It was a great experience for us just a week before our IGP1 exam. Happy time with FT friends.

04th November 2018

“Polish Championships in Tracking 2018, World Championships 2019 Qualifications IPO/FH”

McKennah Dobislava in Fpr2 gained 92 points and 4th place – judge Patricia Schönfeld (DE).

29th October 2018

McKennah Eternal Sunshine Ala  CACIB Leuven, Judge: Mevr. Ingrid Hectors (BE) – Best Junior

28th October 2018

McKennah Eternal Sunshine Ala at the CACIB show Leuven (BE) – in ring of honor Best Youth Dog in Group II

25th August 2018

CACIB Mechelen – judge dhr. John Bond (IRL) –  McKennah Eternal Sunshine Ala – exc1, Best Junior!

31st July 2018

McKennah Eternal Sunshine Ala received title “KBDC Prinses 2018”, sędzia Mrs. Linda Voláriková (SK)

1st July 2018

International Show CACIB Genk (BE),

McKennah Eterna Sunshine Ala –  exc1, Junior Winner, Best Junior and Best Of Breed!

Judge: Torsten Lemmer

Congrats to the owners!

03d June 2018

National Dog Show in Lommel (Belgium), judge Mevr. M. Markio (FI)

McKennah Eternal Sunshine Alaexc1, Junior Winner, Best Junior!

Congratulations to the owners!

26th May 2018

International Dog Show Rzeszów judge: Haranen Juta

 Mckennah Eldorado  – exc1, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed!

Eldorado has finished his Junior Champion of Poland title, congratulations to the owners!


21 April 2018

Weekend was very sucessfull to our puppies from “E” litter, we are so proud of results below:

Mckennah Eldorado – National Dog Show in Raciborz (PL)

 exc.1 Junior Winner, Best Junior, Best of Breed!!!

Krajowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych w Grudziądzu

McKennah Evita – exc.1 Junior Winner, Best Junior, Best of Breed!!!

8th April 2018

Ist Open Tracking Competitions organised by ZKwP Zielona Góra

McKennah Dobislava – 2nd płace in FPr1, received 90 points from international judge Jacek Lewkowicz

28th January 2018

We are happy to announce that McKennah Bandit passed APR 1 today in USA with a score of 88 in obedience and 88 in protection. Big congrats to his owners Charles and Carolyn Calcote, well deserved!

19 November 2017

National Show in Racibórz (PL) (Poland) – McKennah Eldorado – vp1, Best Minor Puppy in Breed!

08 October 2017

National Show in Zabrze (PL) (Poland) – McKennah Eldorado – vp1, Best Minor Puppy in Breed, Best Minor Puppy in Show 4!

17 September 2017

National Show in Gorzów Wlkp (Poland) – McKennah Dobislava – exc1, CWC – judge Piotr Król (PL)

02 September 2017

National Show in Słupsk (Poland) – McKennah Dobislava – exc1, CWC – judge Andrzej Pławiński (PL)


05 August 2017

McKennah Dobislava – has just had her eyes tested and is free of all diseases

24 July 2017

McKennah Dobislava has passed BH test

06 July 2017

New pictures of our E litter puppies >>> click here <<<

01 July 2017

New pictures of the puppies added >>> click here <<<

25th June 2017

McKennah D’Angelo passed PT1 – obedience exam – 1st place – 198 points/200!

Big Congrats to owner and handler  Agnieszka Adamczewska

06 June 2017

New pictures of McKennah D’Angelo added to his presentation >>>click here<<<

23 May 2017

Mara Mariza Sav Sanis whelped 2 large boys and 3 strong females tonight (sire Dura Lex Polonia Hussaro Aquilae Ala). Children and mum are well, contact us for more information. Puppies are vWD clear by parentage.

28 April 2017

At the end of May we expect high quality puppies from the excellent combination.

Puppies will  be socialised according to age. They will be offered to show, working or pet homes.  They come with pet passport, FCI export pedigree and our support. Parents health tested, great temperaments, top european show lines.

24 April 2017

Thanks to the owner for sending new  picture od McKennah Diamonds Are Forever. This beauty comes from Bentley z Padoku and Mara Mariza Sav Sanis

Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature

06 January 2017

McKennah Dobislava – 9 months

d litter

13 November 2016

McKennah Dobislava – vp1, Best Puppy in Breed – International Show in Kielce (PL)

11 November 2016

McKennah Dobislava – vp1, Best Puppy in Breed – National Show in Szczecinek (PL)

02 October 2016

McKennah Dobislava – vp1, Best Minor Puppy in breed, 2nd BEST MINOR PUPPY in SHOW – National Show in Słupsk (PL)

McKennah Dobislava

29 September 2016

New male presentation – McKennah D’Angelo on our website  click here

06 August 2016

We have high quality female for sale, for more info click here

22 April 2016

We have puppies! Go to puppies page for more info

22 March 2016

Pregnacy confirmed via USG. New litter due 19 April 2016. more Info click here 

d litter

News 2015

20 December 2015

International Dog Show “Christmas Cup 2015” Vilnius, Lithuania – Mara Mariza Sav Sanis – exc1 in Champion Class, CAC, CACIB, BOS! Mariza is now Champion of Lithuania.

29 November 2015

Mckennah Bandit passed his BH exam. Congratulations to Bandit and Charles!

14 November 2015

Mara Mariza Sav Sanis National Show Koszalin (PL) – exc1, Best of Breed and Best in Group!!!

24 October 2015

Mckennah Belicia at Amious gets 2nd place in open class at Birmingham Dobermann Club Show!

22 August 2015

Mckennah Belicia at Amious gets 2nd place in open class at Welsh Dobermann Club Show!

News 2014

25 August 2014

Mckennah Belicia at Amious the weekend results I’m so proud of:

2nd in Post Graduate Bitch at the Scottish Dobermann Club 23/08/14 under Rob Douma
2nd in Limit Bitch at the Scottish Kennel Club 24/08/14 under Jean Quigley

Well done Belca and Jeni!

24 August 2014

International Show in Sopot (PL) judge Anna Rogowska (PL) – Mara Mariza Savsan – exc1, CWC

20 July 2014

National Show in Koszalin (PL) judge Livija Zizevske (LT) – Mara Mariza Savsan – exc1, CWC

19 July 2014

National Show of 2nd FCI group in Koszalin (PL) – Mara Mariza Savsan exc1, CWC, BOS under judge Igoris Zizevskis (LT)

13 July 2014

New pictures of Mara Mariza Savsan at 20 months old

29 June 2014

National Show of 2nd group FCI in Lubieszyn (Poland) – Mara Mariza Savsan exc1, Best Adult Female in Breed

International Dog show in Szczecin (Poland) – Mara Mariza Savsan exc2

16 June 2014

New picture of Destiny’s Child Elite House and Mara Mariza Savsan

15 June 2014

Northwich & District Canine Society Show Mckennah Belicia at Amious goes 1st and Best AVNSC Working & Working Group 3

02 March 2014

New show result for Belicia – Newton & District Canine Society BOB and Working Group 1, well done Jeni and Belca.

22 February 2014

Mckennah Belicia at Amious gets BOB and Working Group 3 at Sutton Coldfiled & District Canine Open Show

21 February 2014

Mara Mariza SavSanis was hip scored and we received result today – it’s HD-A

12 January 2014

New Year started with great show results for Mckennah Belicia at Amious:

Manchester Championship show – 1st Post Graduate